GTA SA Handling Editor v2.3 Final

GTA SA Handling Editor v2.3 Final

Postby 82_Z28 » Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:01 pm

*** Handeling Editor v2.3 Final For San Andreas by Saeid ***

Handling Editor v2.3 for San Andreas

There are Model Flag & Handling Flag in Handling Editor v2.3

You Can Modify Flag And View Changes It in HEX. Also you Can Type Flag In HEX And Veiw Changes in Checkbox.

Thank You.

Author: Saeid Kholdi

Yahoo ID:

You must agree to this license agreement to download this file

-Anything harmful done by this mod is not the responsibility of this forum or the author of the modification. I accept that anything that happens is my own fault, and only my fault.

- I have paid for my of the game, and not obtained it in any illegal way, and I have not sold or given away my copy of the game.
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